Living a healthy life can be easy and rewarding at the same time! There is nothing more worth it than seeing positive improvements in your body and knowing you are saving your health. Here are some simple tips for living a healthier life that are easy to follow and will keep you from feeling deprived.

How To Live Healthier By Making Better Diet Choices:

Did you know that weight loss is only 25% exercise and 75% diet? Don’t hurt your weight loss efforts by exercising your butt off only to eat unhealthy foods. A calorie loaded meal is perfectly fine once in a while. But for a healthy life you must eat healthy on average to do good for your body. Eating healthier will help with everything from anti aging to weight loss to the reduced risk of disease! Here are some diet substitutions that you can use to eat healthier on a daily basis and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

When Buying Dairy:

When buying dairy you might have gone for the regular whole fat options in the past. These versions are naturally loaded with fat which in the long run can cause health problems. Tips for living a healthier life include picking the low-fat versions of your preferred dairy products. Here is a quick guide to use to give you an idea of where to start.

Instead of ice cream go for fruit based sorbets. Raspberry flavor is a good place to start! You can make your own homemade popsicles as well by freezing your favorite fruit juices.

Instead of full fat cheese, yogurt, creams and milk opt for the reduced fat versions. They taste equal but will eliminate a bunch of fat.

By opting for the low fat varieties you are cutting an immense amount of calories all while enjoying your favorite foods! Here are more diet food substitutions to try.

When Buying Protein:

Protein is essential in our diets! Between helping our body function it also strengthens our hair, nails and skin. When buying protein it is very simple to switch from the fat loaded options to the lower calorie healthier options. Tips for living a healthier life by choosing lower fat proteins are as follows:

Instead of eating a calorie loaded breakfast with bacon try Canadian bacon or lean ham to complement your meal.

You can simply eat egg whites instead of the whole egg to cut out fat.

Avoid eating any type of fried meat. Meats cooked in water are way better for you!

Most meats now have low-fat or fat trimmed versions in your supermarket. Always make a point to choose the lower-fat options.

For more info on protein this informative article on high protein diets is a must read.

Snacks & Desserts:

Let’s face it, between meals we can get pretty hungry! It is actually healthy to eat between meal as long as you are not overeating or binging. Listening to your body is part of living a healthier life. Here are some healthy snack ideas as well as healthy dessert ideas to try.